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We have just added a huge number of units to our hire fleet of the versatile 12 HEX IP rated up lighter.

These units are a perfect low cost effective solution for adding outdoor decor lighting to your venue or event.

The unit in addition to the usual intense red green & blue LED chips this unit also has the crisp white chip and a separate amber chip for some truly subtle colour tone.

In addition to the the above the unit has a built in UV function which can be used to create some crazy creative effects perfect for Halloween party lighting.

LED lighting sources are very efficient so 10s of units can be powered from a single domestic 13amp outlet.

please get in contact for a hire quotation.


Cooling off..

Bespoke HVAC rigging Solutions deployed for Aggreko as part of the 145th Open Golf Championship in Royal Troon 2016

Under stormy skies in West Scotland in June SPG supplied and installed a bespoke ducting system for Aggreko at the 145th Open.  Using Aggreko's state of the art temperature control chilling / heating plant and multiple  Aggreko AHU's  we smartley delivered a front of house solution for a back of house system.

Ducting systems are normally hidden to the rear of structures but in this case was firmly visible to the general public and the TV cameras filming the nearby fairway and tee.

This required a high-end visual finish to blend in and add to the appearance of the building.

Internally with appearance being paramount the air sock had to be audibly and visually un noticeable not to detract from the 1st class temporary shopping facility.


The below is this finished system with branding in position ready for the 50,000+ customers to pass through the doors.

Custom Event Distribution Solutions

See Inside your custom distribution panel before its even finished. We are able to mock up your distribution board in 3D before manufacture.

Please Contact us for a quotation.

Pictured is a new box for a client who specialises in tent lighting. the outlets are as follows:

125amp 3 phase 415v Incomer

1 x 63amp 3 phase 415v outlet

1 x 32amp 3 phase 415v outlet

3 x Socopex hotpower outlets

6 x 16amp 240v outlets

3 x 13amp 240v outlets

All the 240v outlets are indvidually protected by 30ma RCD's

Power meter and N-L reverse indication.

Power is Everything

What is power and why does it matter?  When it comes to power and events quiet simply they both go hand in hand, In a lot of cases you simply couldn't have an event without power.

Power is everywhere at events sometimes its not so obvious. But if you dig a little deeper you will see that power and what it does is just everywhere. Some things are more obvious such as stages, site lighting and catering. But other things that power is critical for yet is often never noticed is. IT infrastructure, Medical centres, site evacuation systems, water and waste management. 

Ultimately there are so many things on site that require a continuous and robust power supply. It is important that not only your generators are of a reliable and well maintained standard but the installation has been installed by experienced and qualified staff.

Storm Productions Group have be contracted for over 10 years to provide installers and technicians to the world biggest events. This year alone we have installed 100s of mega watts of temporary power across several event sites in the UK. 

If you would like to speak to us about any power for any event please get in touch we have the best people and best solutions for any size event.


The Full Spoon at Old Bowlish House

In partnership with The Full Spoon & Old Bowlish House we provided 16 fixtures and installation to the launch night of the the new Full Spoon Supper Club.  Ian & Amanda keys are opening up their beautiful home, Andy Spooner has planned a series of dining evenings to celebrate the seasons, plus a number of other special events,  when you can experience the heritage and ambiance of this exceptional house.

We used a combination of high powered discharge lighting and LED fittings to illuminate the facade of the stunning Old Bowlish House in Bowlish, Shepton Mallet.

To find our more about the Old Bowlish House and The Full Spoon please click on these links

The Full Spoon Events catering:

The Old Bowlish House


France comes to Bath

So why do we always feel like we are coming home when we go to an evening of French music? Well its because its in Bath every year and it has been for the last 21 years, of which. We have provided the sound and the lighting for 11 of those years. We know after a year of working all the festivals and big corporate gigs that when we get to the Bal we have got back to our home coming gig.

Cheers to all at the Bal see you again in 2015